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Customer Care

At Coconut Casual we value our customers and pride in providing excellent products and service that we can be proud of.  We love hearing from our customers and we value your feedback. Send us your questions, comments or feedback so we can serve you better. We receive many questions. Find answers to some of the most common ones in our FAQs.

Privacy & Safety

At Coconut Casual we value you, and we strive for transparency in our interactions with you. We seek to make your in-store and online experiences with us fun, efficient and as personalized as you would like. You should be able to find the fashion looks you desire as quickly as possible. If you want to hear from us, you can set that up with us. If you decide you’ve heard enough from us for a while, you can do that too! The information that we obtain from or about you, whether directly or indirectly, helps us understand you better and improve your shopping and other experiences with us.

Above it all, though, our main goals are to gain and maintain your trust, including by addressing any questions or concerns you might have about the privacy and safety of your personal information when it is in our hands. In this regard, we have partnered with OneTrust, a leading technology platform, to allow us to better communicate with you and to respond to your requests more efficiently.

You can click on the boxes below to review each section of our Privacy Policy. Or, if you would like, you can print and read the entire Privacy Policy.

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

Payment Methods
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